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Most people are never charged with criminal offences. Being charged and having to go to Court can be one of the most stressful times that anybody will have to face. It is not something that you should choose to do without competent and experienced legal representation. At Howden Saggers, we appear in Court every day. We know the Magistrates, we understand the procedures.

We have a great relationship with many Barristers at the Queensland Bar. We understand how the Courts work. We understand the pressures that you may feel in having to go to Court.

Once you contact Howden Saggers, we will provide you with free initial advice on the telephone, or by email. Should you wish to engage us to represent you in Court, we will then ask you to come into our office to discuss the case. We will help you to understand the process and procedures that take place in Court, and we will attend Court with you on each occasion to assist you during this difficult period.

We will obtain all information from prosecuting authorities, carefully consider that information and then provide you with legal advice.

If there is any possibility of resolving your matter at an early stage, we will attempt to do this. We have had great success on many occasions in resolving matters via mediation, carefully worded submissions and negotiations with prosecuting authorities.

Your case will be handled by one of our Solicitors, or by a Partner who is an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist. At all times, the Solicitor handling your case will be supervised by Peter Saggers or Mark Howden, both of whom are Accredited Criminal Law Specialist’s.

Once we have some understanding of the nature of your case, we will provide you with a quote as to the likely legal costs. This will ensure that you are not surprised or unaware of the costs of legal representation. We will discuss with you different ways in which the case can be invoiced and give you a clear idea as to the overall legal costs.

If you have any questions at any time, the Solicitor who is acting on your behalf will be happy to answer them, or alternatively, the supervising Partner will be available.

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