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Drugs & Violence

Drug Offences

Many drugs are defined as dangerous drugs, and if you have them, you are breaking the law. In Queensland, the law divides dangerous drugs into categories;

Schedule 1 (MDMA, Crystal meth, Heroin)

Schedule 2 (Cannabis)

The penalties for schedule 1 drugs are more serious than schedule 2. You are breaking the law if you:

Possess illegal drugs You can be in possession of a drug even if you don’t own it and haven’t used it. For example, if you lease a shared house and drugs are found, you can be charged even though the drugs are not yours.

Supply of illegal drugs Supplying can mean giving, distributing, selling, offering to give, preparing to give or sell. In other words, it is a very wide definition.

Traffic illegal drugs This means to carry on the business of selling drugs.

Cultivate or produce illegal drugs. Possess items for taking drugs like needles or a bong.

So, if you are at a concert and give one of your friends an MDMA pill, you can be charged with a very serious offence of supply dangerous drugs. If you are charged with a drug offence, you should get legal advice. You may be eligible for drug diversion, which will avoid a conviction being recorded.

Violence and Assault Charges

The Courts and society in general are very vocal about violence in public. We have seen new laws and an increase in penalties in recent years. Penalties are severe, and you should always seek legal advice if you are charged with a violence offence.

You may have been innocently caught up in a fight, or defending yourself. Or perhaps you were provoked. Whatever the situation, you need expert legal advice.

Judges and Magistrates must sentence people charged with violent offences differently than for other types of offences. Jail is more likely. We can help with your case.

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