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Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

Have you been served with an application for a Domestic Violence Order? Do you wish to make an application for a Domestic Violence Order against someone else? Our experienced domestic violence solicitors can help you in either of these situations.

Domestic violence is an increasingly common occurrence. Many behaviours can constitute domestic violence, including physical, emotional or economic abuse. If you have experienced domestic violence in your relationship, you might be able to make an application for a Domestic Violence Order.

Our experienced solicitors can help you:

  • Make your application for a Protection Order;
  • Prepare your affidavits
  • Advise you of your rights and obligations throughout the process
  • Represent you in court

Applying for a domestic violence order can be a difficult and confronting experience. Having the support of an experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable legal representative can reduce the stress and uncertainty you may otherwise face.

Our solicitors are experienced in all key areas of Domestic Violence Law, and can also help you to:

  • Challenge an application for a protection order made against you
  • Apply to vary the conditions of a protection order, whether you are the aggrieved or the respondent
  • Provide independent legal advice as to your rights and obligations where the Police have applied for a protection order on your behalf.

We also have extensive criminal law experience, so we are well placed to provide effective and timely legal advice whether you are charged with breaching a domestic violence order, or you are a victim of a breach offence.
Our office regularly works alongside and advises lawyers in other practice areas, such as family lawyers, in relation to the practical effect of a protection order or allegations of a breaching offence where our clients have concurrent legal matters in the Family Court jurisdiction.

Whatever the issue, we are on your side.


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