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Judicial Reviews

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Judicial Reviews

Parole Delays

The significant delays in the decision-making process by the Parole Board Queensland have been widely acknowledged and criticised.

A person can make an application for parole 180 days before their parole eligibility date. The Parole Board Queensland has 120 days to consider an application for parole once the application is received. In some circumstances the Parole Board can defer their decision a further 30 days.
If the Parole Board fails to make a decision within that 120-day time period, you may have the option to apply for a Judicial Review in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court can order the Parole Board to make a decision in relation to your parole application within a specified time frame. You may also be able to recover some of the costs incurred by filing an application for a judicial review.

Howden Saggers Lawyers have solicitors who are experienced in the preparation and filling of Judicial Reviews. Call us today to see how we can help you to have your application heard.

Review of adverse decisions

If your parole order has been suspended or cancelled, or your application for parole refused, you may have grounds for a Court to review the Parole Board’s decision.

It is important to get legal advice before applying to review a decision of the Parole Board. The grounds on which a decision can be reviewed are narrow and if your application is unsuccessful you may be liable to pay the Parole Board’s costs of defending the application. There are also strict timeframes associated with commencing an application to review a decision of the Parole Board.

Our solicitors are experienced in conducting judicial reviews and can advise you on whether there is merit in reviewing an adverse decision.


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