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Knowing the best criminal lawyers in Brisbane is essential when accidents happen. Driving doesn’t always go as planned, and sometimes, things that are out of our control can happen.

When you are driving a car on the road, there are rules and regulations that you need to follow. Traffic rules make sure that all road users are safe and that they create a safe environment for other road users as well.

In this article, we’re going to cover traffic offence basics as well as tell you how to find a quality criminal lawyer in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

What are Traffic Offences

Traffic offences are activities that go against traffic rules. Traffic rules vary from one jurisdiction to another. Unlicensed driving, using an invalid licence and driving drunk or under the influence of drugs are all traffic offences in Queensland. Driving at speeds that are above the set speed limit, also known as speeding, is also a traffic offence.

Other traffic offences include failure to follow the red light, and reckless and dangerous driving. These activities interfere with the safety of other road users, and can sometimes cause fatal accidents. You can be arrested and charged for committing any of the above offences and this is when you’ll need to find a criminal lawyer in Brisbane.

What to do in case you commit a Traffic Offence

As much as driving can be unpredictable, you should always try to remain on the right side of the law. But, if you find yourself facing a traffic offence charge, you should immediately seek the help of legal professionals. Traffic offences should neither be disregarded nor taken lightly. This is why you need to contact criminal lawyers in Brisbane as soon as you find yourself in that position.

Traffic offences can have serious consequences. And in some cases, they can attract heavy penalties. The penalties from these offences can range from significant fines to time in prison, depending on the gravity of the situation. But, knowing the best criminal lawyer in Brisbane will help you avoid the worst.

In many cases, people that are charged with traffic offences also end up with a suspension of their licence for a period of time. Getting your licence suspended can have a negative impact on your life.

The truth is, being able to drive not only makes our lives easier, but it also makes it easier for the people around us. People who depend on us, like our spouses or children for example.

Having a car and a valid driver’s licence is a necessity in today’s world. Without your driver’s licence, you may not be able to run simple errands or respond to emergencies. In a nutshell, your inability to move from point A to point B will be a huge inconvenience to your daily life. This is why you need to have reliable criminal lawyers in Brisbane in your corner.

How Howden Saggers a Criminal Lawyer in Brisbane Can Help

Having experienced criminal lawyers as you face traffic offence charges can make all the difference in how your case goes. Howden Saggers lawyers are a team of experienced criminal lawyers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We have a team of qualified criminal lawyers in Brisbane that is often present at Queensland Traffic Offenders Program (QTOP) courses throughout South East Queensland. These courses are educational programs that offer facial recognition that is acceptable in court as evidence. Through these programs, traffic offenders get an opportunity to show their commitment to change.

Howden Saggers’ criminal lawyers in Brisbane also have access to all the information that can answer any of your questions. These questions include how long you are likely to lose your licence or how much your fine could be.

Our team will also shed light on your chances of going to jail, or if your case is worth fighting. We will also help you understand whether you will need to have an interlock fitted to your car once your licence is reinstated. Enlisting an experienced criminal lawyer in Brisbane is key to knowing exactly what you need to do.

Why You Should Choose us as Your Criminal Lawyer in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Howden Saggers Criminal Lawyers Gold Coast has been practising law for over twenty years. Over our long-spanning careers, we have built a reputation as a leading firm that delivers results to our clients.

Our team of passionate and dedicated criminal lawyers on the Gold Coast are driven by the desire to uphold the legacy that was left by the firm’s founders, Mark Howden and Peter Saggers. While both founders have since moved on to magistracy, our current lawyers are qualified and able to continue in their footsteps.

Furthermore, we value all our clients and treat all your cases with the utmost care. Our availability to you as criminal lawyers in Brisbane has helped us to cultivate trusting relationships.

Our firm also has an unwavering dedication to ongoing education. We strive to stay ahead of any developments on criminal law in Brisbane. This is why we have teams present in QTOP sessions. It’s through this dedication to education that we are able to be there for our traffic offence clients.

What’s more, through our commitment to continuous education, our criminal lawyers in Gold Coast are able to ensure that we have accurate information that is up to date. Having all the information that we need in hand helps us to better advocate for our clients. With all the available information needed, the chances of your case being railroaded are reduced.

Make the Right Choice

Howden Saggers Criminal Lawyers Brisbane is your trusted advisor for traffic offence cases. We understand that accidents happen and that sometimes we can avoid them. But other times, not so much. Whatever the case, it is better to know that your future is in safe hands. This is why you need to leave nothing to chance. Call us today to make sure you have access to the best criminal lawyers in Brisbane.

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