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Being charged and having to go to Court can be one of the most stressful times that anybody will have to face. It is not something that you should choose to do without competent and experienced legal representation.

Making the right, educated decisions about you representation can greatly impact on your future and ultimately your freedom.

With an abundance of Law Firms and Independent Lawyers promoting their various services and products, it can be an overwhelming and confusing decision, at an already incredibly stressful time in your life.

So what can you do to help choose the right Law Firm for you?

In simple terms, we believe there are TWO main considerations when it comes to selecting the right Criminal Law Firm for you :

  1. Can they give me the best chance of success, and
  2. Can I afford to employ them?


Choosing the first law firm you come across in a directory listing, or the closest firm to your home isn’t the best place to start.  It’s important, as best you can, to do some research and find out what the various firms can offer, and what their specific areas of expertise are.  You don’t want to select a firm who just ‘dabbles’ in your area of need, you want to select a firm who are EXPERTS in that field.

Ensure the firms you are looking at are specialist criminal lawyers, and have experience in your specific area of need, and have dealt with cases similar to yours.  Only a specialist lawyer will know the best plan of attack to deal with your matter.  

You may even find that your case may be dropped prior to trial – just by using the skills, expertise and experience of a specialist criminal lawyer.  This is the ultimate outcome, saving you time, money, stress and avoiding any future implications on your day to day life as best possible.

At Howden Saggers, we appear in Court every day. We know the Magistrates, we understand the procedures. We have a great relationship with many Barristers at the Queensland Bar. We understand how the Courts work. We understand the pressures that you may feel in having to go to Court.


At Howden Saggers we believe that legal fees shouldn’t break the bank and for that reason we are quite often able to undertake matters on the basis of a fixed fee. This means you will know exactly how much your matter will cost.

If your case is a large matter which will take some time to resolve, we can quote per stage. This means that we may provide you with a quote for each stage of the case up until completion. For example, if the matter needs to proceed to a committal proceeding, we can give you a quote to the conclusion of the committal proceeding. If an indictment is presented, we can then provide you with a quote to the completion of the trial or sentence stage.

If you prefer, we can also invoice on a time costed basis. If your matter is to be invoiced this way you will be provided with a breakdown of our hourly costs in a cost agreement and then invoiced on a monthly basis.


Howden Saggers Lawyers is Preferred Supplier for Legal Aid Queensland. This means that we are able to undertake matters funded by Legal Aid Queensland as long as you meet the required eligibility criteria.

As a preferred supplier Howden Saggers Lawyers can help clients with their legal problem, advise clients on their eligibility for legal aid, submit an application for legal aid on behalf of a client and if the application is approved, represent a client in court.

At Howden Saggers Lawyers our lawyers appear in Court every day, we understand that procedures, we know the law, we get the results.

We are on your side.

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