Murder and Manslaughter

Murder and Manslaughter

Murder, Attempted Murder, and Manslaughter are considered the most serious crimes that can be laid against a person. In Queensland, offenders found guilty of any of these offences can be sentenced to life imprisonment. The main difference between Murder and Manslaughter is the element of intent.


Murder is defined as the wilful killing of a person either intentionally, or with reckless indifference. If a person is convicted of murder, the punishment is life imprisonment.

A person can also be charged with being an ‘accessory after the fact’ to murder, which can also result in life imprisonment even if they were not the person who actually carried out the killing.

It is also an offence to conspire with another to commit murder and, if found guilty, could result in a term of imprisonment of 14 years being imposed.


A manslaughter charge arises when a person unlawfully kills another under circumstances that do not constitute murder.

The penalty for manslaughter is also life imprisonment but mitigating circumstances of the offence can be taken into consideration and a lesser sentence imposed, and this is most commonly the case.

Attempted Murder

This charge will be laid if a person makes a serious attempt to kill another person or deliberately do any act which is likely to endanger human life. The maximum penalty for this offence is also life imprisonment, however the penalty can be reduced when mitigating circumstances are taken into consideration by the Court.

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