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Domestic Violence

Have you been served with an application for a Domestic Violence Order? Do you wish to make an application for a Domestic Violence Order against someone else? Our experienced domestic violence lawyers can help you in either of these situations.

Are you the Victim of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a common situation. Many behaviours can be domestic violence, including physical, emotional, or economic abuse. If you have experienced domestic violence in your relationship, you might be able to make an application for a Domestic Violence Order.

Our domestic violence lawyers can help you:

  • make your application,
  • prepare your affidavits,
  • legally advise you throughout the process,
  • and represent you in court.

It can be a difficult time. Having the support of a lawyer can reduce the stress and uncertainty.

We are on your side.

We can also help you with:

Expert advice in all key areas of Domestic Violence Law, including:

  • Taking out and responding to applications for a Domestic Violence Order;
  • Opposing the making of a Domestic Violence Order;
  • Contested Domestic Violence Order Applications;
  • Applying to vary a Domestic Violence Order;
  • Criminal Charges arising from allegations from Breaching a Domestic Violence Order
  • And more…

What is a Temporary Domestic Violence Order?

A magistrate will put in place a temporary domestic violence after hearing an application for a protection order and deciding that a temporary domestic violence order is necessary given the information presented and the circumstances.

Should you be served a domestic violence protection order, our advice is to contact a solicitor and get information and advice as to the specific terms of the order.

It is a criminal offence to breach any part of the order, so you must ensure you comply with it.

You will be notified of a court date and failure to attend will likely result in an order being made in your absence.

We can ensure you don’t face court alone.

Don't Face Court Alone. Enquire Now.

If you have any questions, want additional information or would like to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our experienced lawyers, please get in touch.