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Howden Saggers Lawyers has provided expert legal advice and representation since 2002. In 2015, we were voted by our peers to be the No 1 Criminal Law Firm in Australia.

At Howden Saggers Lawyers we have assembled a team of dedicated and experienced criminal and traffic lawyers. We provide a premium service in all areas of criminal law, traffic law, domestic violence and professional misconduct.

The team of lawyers at Howden Saggers appear in court on a daily basis. We conduct matters in the Magistrates Court, such as traffic, work licences, summary trials and sentence hearings. We also have a wealth of experience in more sophisticated matters in the District and Supreme Courts.

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Our Process

At Howden Saggers Lawyers we offer a free initial consultation. This can be face to face at one of our offices, by telephone or even via email.

Our experienced team will help you understand the process and procedures that take place in Court. Once engaged, we will attend Court with you on each occasion to assist through the matter.

We will obtain all information from prosecuting authorities, carefully consider that information and then provide you with advice and options as to how you may choose to proceed with your matter.

Experienced. Accredited. Respected.

Established in 2002, Howden Saggers Lawyers has built an enviable reputation for being passionate advocates for people’s rights. As respected criminal lawyers, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional legal solutions, for a wide variety of criminal law matters, from minor traffic infringements, through to serious criminal matters.

At Howden Saggers Lawyers we are very proud and fortunate to have had such excellent founding partners. Both Mark Howden and Peter Saggers are Magistrates in the Magistrates Court of Queensland. We are very grateful to their Honours for establishing the firm and creating the strong and exceptional reputation that Howden Saggers Lawyers has today. Our current staff strive to maintain and build upon the reputation on a daily basis.

At Howden Saggers Lawyers all our lawyers are held to the highest of standards. Each lawyer employed by the firm has been employed due to their passion, commitment and dedication to the practice of law. Each lawyer regularly undertakes professional development courses to hone and enhance their skills and knowledge. Howden Saggers Lawyers also have an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist on staff and available to those who are seeking nothing less than the absolute best in representation. Unlike others who claim to be experts or specialists in Criminal Law Joe Wicking can back that up. Joe has undertaken extensive and rigorous examinations by the Queensland Law Society in order to obtain his accreditation. Only those who have completed these examinations are able to truly hold themselves out to be specialists. At Howden Saggers Lawyer you can rest assured that all of our lawyers have the skills and knowledge to handle your matter.

At Howden Saggers Lawyers we have a wealth of experience in criminal law. Coupled with this we also have a number of outstanding results which have been achieved by our team. Howden Saggers have been involved in many noteworthy cases, including the Max Sica trial, Queensland’s longest running criminal case and the Chris Carter trial in which we secured a not guilty verdict in a double homicide. In the same week as the securing the acquittal on the double homicide the team at Howden Saggers Lawyers also secured a not guilty verdict in a matter of Lemaga where again the client was accused of murder.

How Much Will It Cost?

We understand that the cost of your legal representation is a critical factor when choosing the right Solicitor. At Howden Saggers Lawyers we will inform you as soon as possible what the likely costs will be and when those fees will be payable.

Remember we provide a free initial consultation which can be undertaken by phone, email webchat or in person. Should you then wish to engage us, we will discuss with you the fees associated.

At Howden Saggers Lawyers we believe that legal fees shouldn’t break the bank and for that reason we are quite often able to undertake matters on the basis of a fixed fee. This means you will know exactly how much your matter will cost.

If your case is a large matter which will take some time to resolve, we can quote per stage. This means that we may provide you with a quote for each stage of the case up until completion. For example, if the matter needs to proceed to a committal proceeding, we can give you a quote to the conclusion of the committal proceeding. If an indictment is presented, we can then provide you with a quote to the completion of the trial or sentence stage.

If you prefer, we can also invoice on a time costed basis. If your matter is to be invoiced this way you will be provided with a breakdown of our hourly costs in a cost agreement and then invoiced on a monthly basis.

Legal Aid Queensland - Preffered Supplier

Howden Saggers Lawyers is Preferred Supplier for Legal Aid Queensland. This means that we are able to undertake matters funded by Legal Aid Queensland as long as you meet the required eligibility criteria.

As a preferred supplier Howden Saggers Lawyers can;

  • help clients with their legal problem
  • advise clients on their eligibility for legal aid
  • submit an application for legal aid on behalf of a client
  • and if the application is approved, represent a client in court.

Should you wish to make an application for Legal Aid or discuss your eligibility please contact us to discuss.

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