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Important criminal processes that a Brisbane criminal lawyer can help with

An accusation of a crime can have a lot of negative impacts on your life. Especially if you don’t have the best Brisbane criminal lawyer defending you. For starters, depending on the kind of charges, you may lose your freedom. This can be the case when the crime you’re accused of committing is serious enough to see you remanded in custody while you wait for trial. 

Even if you get bail, you might be subject to strict bail conditions such as where you can live, who you can speak to and where you can travel. The process of determining whether a person is guilty or not can be nerve-racking. This is why you need the best criminal lawyer in Brisbane on your side.

The court processes are a daunting experience. This experience can be even worse if you don’t have a Brisbane criminal lawyer by your side. Court processes can be complicated and slow, costing you time and money. Such an interruption of your life can also cause you and your family significant stress. 

You need to understand how court processes work when you are charged with a crime. This can help you to better prepare for your court appointments and help to fast track your case. With the help of the best criminal lawyer in Brisbane, you can improve your chances of bringing your matter to an end as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Allegations of crime

When a person reports a crime to the police, the police commence an investigation to gather all the available evidence. This evidence has to be enough to justify charging you with a criminal offence. Usually, the first contact you will have with police is to invite you to a record of interview.  As soon as you know an investigation is under way, or you are contacted by police, you should get in touch with a Brisbane criminal lawyer. 

Once the Police believe there is enough evidence, you may be charged with a criminal offence. Upon charging, you’ll either be held on remand, granted bail pending your next court hearing or given a notice to appear in court. You should give any documents provided to you by Police to your Brisbane criminal lawyer – they will help you understand what your charges are. 

Your notice to appear in court will require you to appear before the Magistrates Court. Your Brisbane criminal lawyer will help you understand why it is so important that you attend court on this date. 

Bail hearings

This is where your Brisbane criminal lawyer applies for bail on your behalf. Being granted bail means you will be released from police custody while you wait for your trial. You should know that you have a right to bail unless there are special circumstances surrounding your charges.

A judge considering an application for bail can impose conditions on your release from custody. Your Brisbane criminal lawyer will help you understand all the conditions of your bail. 

The court may revoke your bail if you fail to follow the conditions set for bail. The court may also revoke bail if you don’t appear in court when you are supposed to. The best criminal lawyers in Brisbane will help you to navigate all these issues. 

A judge may also deny bail depending on the charges against you. When this happens, the best Brisbane criminal lawyers can advise you of your right to a further bail hearing. 

Committal proceedings

This is where the Magistrate decides whether there is enough evidence for your matter to be committed to a higher court for trial. Here it is essential that you have the best Brisbane criminal lawyers by your side. 

The prosecution will produce all the available evidence in support of their case and the judge will assess whether it will go to a higher court for trial. The best Brisbane criminal lawyer will review all the evidence against you and make sure that you understand the case. 

You may enter a plea at your committal.  Before you enter a plea, you should make sure that you understand all the implications. Sometimes entering a plea of guilty at committal can give you an extra benefit in your sentence in the higher court. On other occasions, you may like to enter no plea and be committed for trial in the higher court. This is why it’s important that you have the best Brisbane criminal lawyer defending you. 

No case submissions

These are the submissions that your criminal lawyer in Brisbane makes when the evidence is weak, and you have no case to answer. These applications can be made where the prosecution may not have enough evidence of wrongdoing on your part for the case to be committed to a higher court. 

If there is not enough evidence to take the case to trial, the judge can dismiss the case. This can save you a lot of stress, time and money. The best criminal lawyers in Brisbane have experience in presenting no case submissions to the court.

Where to find the best criminal lawyers in Brisbane

Since court processes can be so draining, you need to have only the best Brisbane criminal lawyers by your side. The best Brisbane criminal lawyers will ensure that your interests come first, and that you get the best outcomes. This is why Howden Saggers are the best criminal lawyers in Brisbane for you. 

We have extensive experience in representing our clients in criminal matters. Plus, we’re dedicated to helping you through difficult court processes. With us, you can be sure that you’ll get tried and tested  Brisbane criminal lawyers for the best outcomes. All you need to do is call our Brisbane criminal lawyers as soon as you find yourself in legal trouble and we’ll take it from there.

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