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Magistrates Court Procedure

Common listings in criminal law matters in Queensland The Court system in Queensland for criminal matters is made up of three courts The Magistrates Court; The District Court; and The Supreme Court. Within each court and at each stage of your matter, your matter will...

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Help! My matter needs to go to district or supreme court!

Our last blog post explained the Magistrates Court procedures. If your matter is to be dealt with by a higher court i.e. District or Supreme, then your matter will take a different course than it would otherwise take in the Magistrates Court. So here’s a quick guide...

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Bail in Queensland – How it Works

After the recent tragedy in Victoria there has been a lot of scrutiny on the Victorian bail system and how it works. Our system is very different to Victoria’s and it’s important to understand what bail is and how it works. Bail is a written promise that a person will...

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“Can I say no?” Roadside Breath Test Requirements

There has been quite a bit of media attention around a recent video in which a driver refuses to participate in a roadside breath test and constantly asks the police officer whether he is under arrest or free to go. Whilst this may seem to be a clever way to avoid...

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Changing The Face of Youth Justice Laws

Considered ‘children’ in every aspect of life except criminal proceedings, there is new hope for seventeen year olds facing the justice system. Still not old enough to vote, drink alcohol or sign a contract, in Queensland seventeen year old offenders continue to be...

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Anti-Smoking Law Amendments in Queensland

Tobacco laws in Queensland are aimed at promoting a culture that will support smokers trying to quit, will reduce non-smokers exposure to second-hand smoke, and also discourage children from taking up the habit of smoking. Research has shown that creating no-smoking...

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Pokemon a No Go on our roads

Earlier this month, the mobile app ‘Pokemon Go’ was released and has recently passed 15 million downloads worldwide, having more active users than other popular apps like Twitter and Tinder. Pokemon Go allows users to catch, train and battle the famous monsters in the...

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Youth Justice Amendments

The Queensland Government has recently flagged amendments to the State’s youth justice regime, with the Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 currently at the committee stage.

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Proposed changes to Bikie laws

On 31 March, the Taskforce on Organised Crime Legislation handed its report to Attorney-General Yvette D’Aath. The Taskforce was entrusted to review a raft of legislation passed in 2013 by the former Newman Government, the most prominent of which was the Vicious...

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