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Dave Garratt


LL.B (Hons), GradDipLP

Dave is one of Howden Saggers Lawyer’s more experienced Solicitors as he has a wealth of experience in many walks of life.

Prior to joining our team in 2010 he spent nine years in the Australian Army and completed a number of tours of Iraq and East Timor. This provided him first hand insight into the harsh reality and lawlessness war creates.

What sets Dave apart from many other lawyers is the real life experiences and proof of success he holds in all careers to date. This is most notable in his most recent matter of R v Carter where Dave has defended a client who was found not guilty by a jury for double murder in November 2017.

While these more serious matters keep Dave busy, he also continues to assist in more minor offences such as shop lifting and drink driving which he regularly appears in traffic court to apply for Restricted Work Licence applications and Special Hardship Orders

You should know that he will fight for you in Court and is always well prepared. His preparation and work ethic is something he prides himself on.

In addition to this, Dave is a regular presenter on the Queensland Traffic Offenders Program (QTOP) and is extremely passionate about all types of criminal defence work.

If you call, Dave will be happy to give you some free initial advice.

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