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QLD Traffic Law

For many people, keeping their licence is important if they are to maintain their current employment. For other people, limiting any disqualification period is critical.

For example, people who are self employed and require their licence to attend to their employment, will be anxious to ensure that any period of disqualification is minimal, or alternatively, they will want to know if they qualify for a Work Licence or a Special Hardship Order

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White Collar Crime

The Australian Securities Investment Corporation (“ASIC”) investigations can be complex and take place over a considerable period of time. They can involve compulsory interviews for people suspected of committing offences. This could include company directors and accountants.

If you or anybody in your corporation are subject to an investigation of this type, the earlier you seek legal representation, the better. Often, in our experience, negotiations at an early stage have led to favourable outcomes for people under investigation.

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Drugs and Violence

Drug charges can range from the possession of small quantities of drugs, to trafficking of large commercial quantities and relate to cannabis, methamphetamine (Ice), heroin, GHB and cocaine.

Whatever the charge, a finding of guilty in relation to drug charges is highly undesirable. It is important that you speak to an experienced drug offence lawyer prior to making any formal record of interview.

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Howden Saggers Lawyers have offices conveniently located in Brisbane City and at Southport on the Gold Coast.

If you have been charged with a Criminal or Traffic Offence do not risk your future and your livelihood. Contact us today to arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION with one of our experienced traffic or criminal lawyers.


Magistrates Court Procedure

Common listings in criminal law matters in Queensland The Court system in Queensland for criminal matters is made up of three courts The Magistrates Court; The District Court; and The Supreme Court. Within each court and at each stage of your matter, your matter will...

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Help! My matter needs to go to district or supreme court!

Our last blog post explained the Magistrates Court procedures. If your matter is to be dealt with by a higher court i.e. District or Supreme, then your matter will take a different course than it would otherwise take in the Magistrates Court. So here’s a quick guide...

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Bail in Queensland – How it Works

After the recent tragedy in Victoria there has been a lot of scrutiny on the Victorian bail system and how it works. Our system is very different to Victoria’s and it’s important to understand what bail is and how it works. Bail is a written promise that a person will...

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