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A medical practitioner interviewed for the ABC 7:30 report on 30 November 2015 described Stereosonic as the most dangerous festival season ever.


He, a self confessed “drug nerd” commented that even he was not aware of the composition of the drugs now on offer. His view was that prohibition has not been successful in curtailing drug use and people will continue to use drugs.


If you too have made a decision that you will use drugs and take them to a festival, then it is important that you appreciate the consequences that may flow from that. The police have extensive powers of search as provided for in the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act. They have the power to search persons without a warrant, they have the power to use drug detection dogs without a warrant and powers that require you to provide your name and address.


You must comply with the police officer who is exercising those powers. If it’s your view that the powers are not being exercised lawfully, then you may tell the police officer that you object, however you still must comply. The issue as to whether the powers are being exercised lawfully is one for a court in due course.


The most prevalent drug is MDMA. It is important that you understand that this is a schedule 1 drug (Check out our previous post for an explanation of drug schedules). The supply of this drug is a charge that must be dealt with before a District Court Judge. The supply of it to a minor is a charge that must be dealt with before the Supreme Court. In many cases, police use evidence obtained from mobile phones to charge supplying the drug and/or the trafficking in of it.


Importantly, if you are charged with an offence and asked to participate in a record of interview, then you should obtain advice from a solicitor.


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info] BA, LLB (Hons), JP, Acc.Spec. (Crime-QLD) [/author_info] [/author]

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