Unlicensed and Disqualified Driving

Unlicensed and Disqualified Driving

Across Australia, it is an offence to drive without holding a valid and current driver license.

Driving without a valid license is taken very seriously by the Courts and the penalties and potential ramifications of this offence can potentially devastating, including loss of license, loss of income and extended periods of further disqualification.

The penalty for this offence usually involves both a fine and a period of driver license disqualification.

There are however options available to you to apply for a restricted license. These include special Work Licenses and Hardship Related Licenses.

The law is very strict about the criteria for appeal and there is a number of tests you must pass, within a set time frame, as the legislation requires a minimum period of mandatory disqualification.

If you are disqualified from driving and wish to apply to apply for a restricted license, it is very important to seek the advice of a Specialist Traffic Lawyer. Howden Saggers Lawyers are expert Traffic Lawyers, and we have been assisting people on the Gold Coast and Brisbane since 2002.

Severe penalties are reserved for the most serious examples of offences, and when deciding your penalty and outcome of your appeal, the Court will take into account your personal circumstances, traffic history and any other relevant information that may be appropriate to your case.

We can tell you what your options are and advise you of the best course of action.

We are on your side.

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At Howden Saggers Lawyers, we can provide you with expert advice in all key areas of Traffic Law, including:

At Howden Saggers Lawyers we understand that Traffic Offences can have significant consequences and that many people are looking to minimise the impacts of those consequences. We understand what the Court takes into consideration when sentencing. Don’t risk your licence, your livelihood or your future, contact us today.

We can help you understand all aspects of Traffic Offences including;

  • How long will I lose my licence for?
  • How much will be the fine be?
  • Could I go to jail?
  • Will I have to have an interlock fitted to my car once I get my licence back?
  • Can I get a work licence?
  • Is it worth fighting my case?

At Howden Saggers Lawyers we can answer these questions for you. We are experienced with all aspects of traffic law and unlike others who claim to be experts, we have a proven track records of results.

We know that your licence is important to you, we understand that a period of disqualification could affect more than just your work, it could have an impact for your family.

If you have been charged with a traffic offence don’t leave it to chance.

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