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What to do in case of false accusations in Brisbane

False accusations can cause a lot of damage to you as a person, in all aspects of your life, but a criminal lawyer in Brisbane can help mitigate that. Unfortunately, false accusations can happen to anyone. 

When this happens, no matter how innocent you are, if you don’t correctly handle the charges you may end up in prison. Many people are serving jail terms for crimes that they never committed. This is why you need a good criminal lawyer in Brisbane when you’re falsely accused.

It’s not easy to be acquitted of a serious charge, even when you are falsely accused. This is especially true if the case against you is difficult to defend. It could even be worse if you don’t have adequate representation. 

So how then should you handle a false accusation against you? Invest in a criminal lawyer in Brisbane. 

Seek the help of a criminal lawyer in Brisbane

As soon as you are charged with a crime, whether you are guilty or not, you should seek the services of a criminal lawyer in Brisbane. In the case of a false accusation, the best criminal lawyer in Brisbane can determine whether you walk or you don’t. As much as you might be innocent, leaving your defence to chance may land you in prison. 

Sometimes false accusations aren’t obvious, and there might also be evidence against you. In such cases, only the best criminal lawyer in Brisbane can help your case. This is because they can provide the best advice for your defence.

The best criminal lawyer in Brisbane will also be able to tell you what to do and what not to do. Most people panic when they find themselves falsely accused. If you panic, you may unknowingly do things that can harm your case. The best criminal lawyer in Brisbane will help to guide you on what to do.

Some cases come down to one person’s word against another.  Sometimes, the fact that a person says you did the wrong thing is all the Police need to charge you with a serious offence.  Police might tell you that you can clear it all up by participating in a record of interview – this is almost never true.  You could find yourself having waived your right to silence and being charged with a serious criminal offence. 

The best criminal lawyer in Brisbane can help you understand what you need to do to defend yourself in a he said, she said situation.

Provide all the necessary information

So, you have the best criminal lawyers in Brisbane, great, the next thing you need to do is tell them everything. Full disclosure to your Brisbane criminal lawyer is the best thing that you can do in case of any accusation, false or true. In this case, you should be more concerned about winning the case than saving face.

The best criminal lawyer in Brisbane will want to know everything that happened even if it makes you look bad. After all, the lawyer-client privilege is there to protect you. Anything that you say to your lawyer is confidential information and they can’t share it without your permission. 

The best criminal lawyers in Brisbane can only defend you well with as much information as possible. This is because the information helps them to prepare your case. This means that your criminal lawyer in Brisbane will be ready to tackle all the prosecutor’s questions. Your lawyer will also be able to expect all possible angles.

Part of full disclosure is providing all the available evidence that can help you win the case. You should bring forward any videos, photos, emails, letters, phone records, bank statements or even appointment schedules. This kind of information can help the best criminal lawyers in Brisbane win your case.

Other important information includes names and contacts of potential witnesses. These are the people that can help your case by backing up your story or confirming your alibi. You can also provide contacts of possible character witnesses who can vouch for you if it comes down to it. Whatever you do, make sure that your criminal lawyer in Brisbane knows everything about you.

Pleading Guilty or Not Guilty

When you’re accused of a crime, you should understand what difference your plea can mean to your case. Entering a plea can determine if your case goes to trial or not. If you enter a plea without consulting your Brisbane criminal lawyer, you might end up with a far worse outcome than if you had the best legal advice. 

You don’t just have to choose between guilty or not guilty.  Sometimes your lawyer can negotiate a plea of guilty to a less serious charge or on a different set of facts.  Often, this can be the difference between going in or staying out of jail. This is where insisting on talking to a good criminal lawyer in Brisbane can help you. 

Where to get the best criminal lawyers in Brisbane

It is possible to wind up in jail for a false accusation. You should take any criminal accusation seriously from the outset. Getting the services of the best criminal lawyers in Brisbane as soon as possible will help you to build a strong case. This is because Brisbane criminal lawyers will tell you all the steps that you should take from that point.

Howden Saggers presents an opportunity for you to clear your name in case of a false accusation. We have a team of the best criminal lawyers in Brisbane ready to help you. Instead of panicking and taking chances with your freedom, contact our Brisbane criminal lawyers today and we’ll help you clear your name. 

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