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Parole Applications

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Parole Applications

The Parole Board Queensland considers and determines the applications for parole by all prisoners, as well as amendments, suspensions and cancellations, in Queensland.

Parole matters considered by the Board can be separated into two groups:

  • Applications for parole; and
  • Parole suspensions/cancellations.

When a person is sentenced, they are usually given a court-ordered parole release date or a parole eligibility date. If they are given a parole eligibility date, they will have to lodge an application to the Parole Board Queensland to be considered for parole. The highest priority consideration by the Board is the safety of the community. If the Parole Board refuses an application for parole, a person cannot usually apply for parole for another 6 months. This makes it very important to get legal advice early to ensure you have the best possible prospects of obtaining parole.

When a person is on parole, their parole order may be suspended by the Board. The Parole Board may do this when they believe the person has:

  • Failed to comply with their parole order;
  • Poses a serious risk of harm to someone else;
  • Poses an unacceptable risk of committing an offence; or
  • Is preparing to leave Queensland without authority.

The solicitors at Howden Saggers Lawyers are experienced in dealing with the Parole matters, including:

  • Submissions in support of parole applications
  • Submissions in relation to parole suspensions
  • Submissions in relation to preliminary refusal decisions
  • Judicial Reviews in relation to adverse decisions, or failure to make a decision


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